• Respect Your Interview. Even if the interviewer would be a peer or direct report, he already has a job at the company you’re applying to – and may have more influence over the hiring decision than you know.
  • Read The Interviewer’s Body Language. You may be in trouble if the interviewer leans back in his chair, shakes his head or checks the time.
  • Actively Listen. The interviewer may be revealing an important point about the position or key concern about your qualifications. Respond well, and you could advance your candidacy. Miss it, and you leave the door open for someone else.
  • Check In With The Interviewer. You’ll have only so much time with the interviewer, so keep your answers concise. But it’s OK to ask from time to time. “Do you need me to go into more detail?” This way, you’ll spend the bulk of your time discussing what the interviewer considers to be the most important aspects of the job.
  • Ask For The JOB! If you want the position, don’t be afraid to say so.


  • Show Up Late. It seems obvious, but it is so important. Make sure you know where and who you are meeting with and arrive with 1o to 15 minutes to spare.
  • Get Too Personal. You want to focus on your professional work experience and not too much about your personal life. Make sure you don’t share too many details on family issues, debts, etc. Be professional and appropriate.
  • Be Unprepared. You need to be ready both mentally and physically. Make sure you take time to prepare for the interview, research the company and the job requirements. Bring an extra copy of your resume and prepare questions to ask about the job and the company.
  • Be Too Laid-back. You need to have your “A game” on!. Don’t leave your mobile phone on, dress too casually or fail to fully engage in the interview. This is time to impress

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