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We always seek to find consistent high caliber candidates for our clients. We would like to recognize and encourage you to refer your friends whom we can assist. Now you can share the joy with friends and be Rewarded!

Through our “ Referral Rewards” scheme, we will handle your referrals with complete discretion, and ensure that we treat your friends with the professionalism that they deserve. For every friend you refer that we successfully place, you will receive referral rewards in monetary. Unlike other referral scheme with only a fixed amount for any position, our fabulous reward amounts are directly calculated from the position (the salary), means that the senior the position, the higher amount you will be rewarded.

“I am very happy about this referral system, I helped a friend a much better job and better salary and I also got reward from this simple referral.

I appreciated ChansyLINK for their professional consultants services and my rewards. I will definitely continue to help my friends using this referral program”

- Wong Ka Ling - housewife.

“I couldn’t believe that I could get this good reward amount by simply referral of my friends’s company HR who is looking for the position of IT Manager for many months, and ChansyLINK quickly matched a very good candidate. My friends’s company HR greatly appreciated my help, and I must thank ChansyLINK for their professional services.”

- David Fung - elevator technician.

“About 4 months ago, I learned from my friend - Thomas, he was looking for a new job. Thus, I registered as a referrer and refer Thomas to ChansyLINK for job matching. ChansyLINK is very efficient, helped Thomas to get a great job shortly. Few months after, he passed the probation, and now, he is working very well for his company. In the meanwhile, ChansyLINK informed me that there is a reward for me! Honestly, I doubted about it and I just would like to help my friend to get a job through ChansyLINK at the beginning, but, Yeah! What’s an awesome! I really got their reward$$$! This really motivate me to get their reward again and again! It’s really a 3 WINs sharing! Thanks a lot ChansyLINK”

- Pinky Tam - Accountant.

Refer A Friend · Get Your Rewards

Share ChansyLink with friends and get your referral rewards when they get hired.

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