Tips for Cover Letter

A cover letter is an introduction to your resume and it allows you an opportunity to highlight your experience and qualification.  The following are the ideas to keep in mind when preparing your cover letter

  • Tailored to the position you apply, a hiring manager can quickly tell if you have written a generic cover letter for every job
  • Try to find a contact person, be sure to address your cover letter to the specific hiring manger who will be reading your letter
  • Format your letter cover letter properly, not only to include proper information, but also to look polished with simple and readable fonts
  • Should be no more than one page, you can adjust the margins to give yourself more space if it is a bit too long
  • Ideally consist of one to three paragraphs at most, don’t repeat what you have already mentioned in your resume
  • Ensure write positively and concisely, don’t address what you’re missing if you are lacking a required skill or degree that only highlight what you don’t have
  • Ensure to proofread your letter,  a small typo can make or break your chances of getting an interview

Tips for Resume

A resume is a very important tool in the recruitment process and its purpose is to advise a recruitment agency or potential employer of your skills and experience which in turn will hopefully gain you an interview. There are many different ways a resume can be presented and the following are ideas to keep in mind when preparing your resume

  • Use a clear typeface and avoid applying any decorative page borders or headings
  • Include relevant information only
  • Ensure your dates are consistent and account for any gaps during your employment history
  • Personal information should only be include your name,address, e-mail and all relevant telephone numbers
  • Include your career objectives, skills and education
  • Employment history should be listed in chronological order with the most recent position listed first
  • Ensure you list the company name, your position title and the period you were employed
  • List your responsibilities in bullet points using present tense
  • Illustrate any achievement

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